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Foothill Pine

If you’re strolling through the park in Citrus Heights, CA, chances are that you will come across the Foothill Pine Tree. You might have heard of it by its other names like Ghost Pine or Gray Pine. The foothill pine tree grows on average to be between thirty-six and forty-five feet tall but has been known to reach up to 105 FT. This tree is a nightmare for your gutters due to the long pine needles that reach up to 1 foot and its large and heavy seed cones that can grow to be over a foot long and two pounds in weight. If you had a choice between having one of these behemoth cones drop on your head or your gutters, I’m sure you would choose your gutters. Unfortunately this choice isn’t up to you, but luckily these cones and needles tend to choose your gutters most of the time and they do a great job at clogging them. Even gutter protection systems can’t stop these needles from stuffing up your gutters. If have one of these trees growing on your property and it’s near your gutter system, we can help!