Getting gutter cleaning done because it just rained?

One of our busiest location for gutter cleaning is in Sacramento, CA. Recently we had a dramatic slow down in phone calls in this location. Can you guess why? It’s because it was super sunny with no clouds in sight for a couple weeks straight. Then, out of no where it rained for a couple days in a row and the calls started pouring in. People were having overflows, underflows and just unpleasant gutter water flows in general. This caused some of our customer’s homes to experience some inside leaking. I’m sure you can guess that this cost a whole lot more in damages than a simple gutter maintenance cleaning job would have cost to prevent it if done on time.

Here’s the point. It’s better to do gutter cleaning at least once a year for preventative reasons and not just when an issue arrises after it rains. At that point it’s too late because the damage has been done. Gutter cleaning is one of the most important and affordable ways to keep your home healthy. Clogged and/or broken gutters can cause damage to your landscaping and foundation, cause internal leaks that damage the inside of your homes, and cause roof deterioration and leaking when the water overflows and goes underneath your roof.

Get a free quote today and let a Gutter Cleaning USA professional give you and your home the peace of mind you deserve whether you’re in Sacramento, CA or anywhere else.