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Grow your gutter cleaning business by over 30%

Get pre-sold jobs ready to schedule close-by to you.

What is Gutter Cleaning USA?

We connect home owners that are ready to schedule a gutter cleaning job with qualified gutter cleaners. Choose the jobs that you want and get paid directly.

How it works


Get Certified

Create an account & get Gutter Cleaning USA certified.


View and Choose Jobs

Get notified of new jobs in your service area and choose the ones that fit you.


Complete the Work

Schedule the customer on your own time and complete the work.


Get Paid

Collect the payment directly from the customer under your own brand.

What our certified gutter cleaners have to say

Alex K. - American Cleaners LLC
I moved to a new state and had to start from scratch with my business. Gutter Cleaning USA helped me get customers right away without having to spend anything on advertising and sales.
Dan K. - American Gutter Cleaners
I love working with Gutter Cleaning USA. I added 26% to my bottom line this year from the additinoal work they provided me with.
David M. - Melkor Cleaning
My main business services are Window Cleaning and Pressure Washing, but when things slow down, I get to fill in my open slots with gutter cleaning work thanks to Gutter Cleaning USA. Helps keep consistent cashflow for my business.


How much does it cost to use Gutter Cleaning USA?

Nothing! Gutter Cleaning USA takes a portion of the cleaning price, but you get paid exactly what you see when a job is offered to you.

How do I get paid for the work I do?

You get paid directly by the customer under your own company brand.

Do I have to bid on jobs?

Nope! Gutter Cleaning USA prices each job based on square footage, number of stories and other factors. You don't have to worry about bidding on jobs or visiting properties to price them yourself.

Are you a lead generation service?

Not at all. Gutter Cleaning USA is here to help you find, schedule and take care of your customers without you having to waste money on leads that go nowhere. Each time you see a job offered it's from someone who has already agreed to schedule the job through Gutter Cleaning USA. We do all the hard work chasing down leads so you don't have to!


Must follow the Gutter Cleaning USA cleaning process
Must provide proof of the required tools & equipment
Must drive a truck or other approved vehicle to the jobsite
Must be authorized to work in the United States
Must be able to pass a background check

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