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California Gutter Cleaning – Facts and Figures


Average Price of Gutter Cleaning in California

Frequency1 story2 story3 story
once a year$171.42$221.42$325
twice a year$162.85$210.35$308.75
three times a year$154.71$199.28$293.31

The overall average price for gutter cleaning in California is $227.45.


Most Common Gutter Cleaning Frequencies in California

Gutt FrequencyPercentage
Annual Gutter Cleaning64.5%
Biannual Gutter Cleaning25.3%
Triannual Gutter Cleaning10.2%


Other Common Gutter Services in California

Gutter Repair26.3%
Gutter Replacement9.6%
Gutter Protection14.5%
Gutter Whitening19.7%


How do prices, gutter sizes and frequencies differ by city in California?

CityAverage Gutter Cleaning Price% Anual% Biannual% Triannual
Los Angelos$217.6467%29%4%
San Francisco$227.4557%31%12%
San Jose$238.6581%15%4%
San Diego$200.3979%12%9%
Walnut Creek$231.4564%26%10%


All data on this page was last updated on 03-19-2018

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